Who Am I?

I am Jannis – born in 1993 and living in Germany. I love travelling the world and to experience new things and places. After having spent my pre-twenties life almost exclusively in Germany, I followed the call into the wild (world) and spent some time in Singapore, San Diego (USA) and Pavia in northern Italy. But in the end, I returned home to the very city I was born and raised in to use it as a base for my next adventures. 

Profession: Advocate of Digitalization

One major part of my time is dedicated to my job as a strategy consultant for a major consulting company. I am a strong advocate of automatization and facilitation of no-brainer activities. I believe that real value will be created once you have time to reflect on what and especially why you do things in a specific way. Digital tools can facilitate these „boring“ activities immensely, so before you dive heads-on into your next task, I strongly recommend to spend a few moments on potential opportunities for standardization and automation.

I try to establish this thinking into my everyday work schedule and promote this around the clients I work with. But since the impact of this is limited, I approach this mission from another angle – teaching university students the basics of IT and digitalization, so that the leveraging of digital tools (and how to facilitate their work) becomes part of their activities even before fully jumping into their professional lives.

Private Passion: Creativity

Thinking about so much IT, data, plans and digitalization requires a strong balancing activity. Since high-school I’ve discovered that creative writing releases knots in my brain and has a calming effect to my mind. When writing, I can relax while creating something new that is completely detached from my professional life.

I’ve started writing short stories, but soon advanced and published my first teenage love story „Friendzone“. Of course some of my personal experience found its way into that book, but I feel confident enough to say that it is not based on my life. If you want to know what I’m talking about, check it out here.

But my biggest dream has always been the creation of my own fantasy world. And finally, my first novel is ready to be published and awaits its release into the world. To make that happen, I have initiated a crowdfunding campaign.

And finally, sometimes I feel like commenting on some other stuff – mostly related to creativity. Since the camera doesn’t love my face too much and I feel better to express my thoughts by writing them down, I occasionally post articles in my blog.